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Mr. Abel Cain
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May I introduce myself, please? ... I am Mr. Abel Cain.

I have been a firm believer in Corporal Punishment for all of my life.

I have been administering Corporal Punishment to men for many years.

Mr. Abel Cain's Pages

Corporal Punishment has always been a big part of my life ... even during my early years ...
.. I just did not understand the visions within my own mind.

As a child I had images and fantasies, which took me many years to interpret and understand ... even longer to accept!

When I did make the commitment to investigate these fantasies and desires, to explore my wants and needs,
I was fortunate to meet a few key people who were able to give me the benefit of their experience.
They were generous with their time ... SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE. They assisted me in my quest, taught me well,
advised me and answered my many questions ... and supported me when needed.

During this time there was very little published 'material', which dealt with Corporal Punishment ...
(certainly there were publications from the US and Europe, which dealt with BDSM issues,
yes they were as rare as hen's teeth, but they were almost all that was available)
.. yet Corporal Punishment is a fairly unique British & Irish fetish.

Certainly magazines like CorPoral Contacts, Sir, Report, Reflections
and Red Tail (a US magazine devoted to the American preference for spanking and paddling) ...
.. provided a platform to view Corporal Punishment photographs and images (where has Harald gone?!?!)
and read accounts, encounters, fantasies, letters and stories on similar topics ...
.. yet how many were able to meet up and hone their skills?!?!

Later on clubs like the 31 Club made it more accessible for like minded individuals to contact each other and explore their own desires within Corporal Punishment. Yet, again, how many are able to meet up and hone their skills?

Just as important how do you find someone with authentic equipment:
belts, canes (junior, senior, reformatory, dragon), discipline horse, floggers, paddles, pandy bat, punishment bench, rattan rods,
signal whips, Singapore canes, single tails, straps (many custom commissioned), switches,
tawses (even a couple of John J. Dick - Lochgelly XH originals) ... etcetera?

Probably even more important; how do you find someone who has honed his skills and can deliver, consistent, accurate discipline to the exact target area?!?!

Finally: how do you find all of the above? How do you find that certain someone with all of the authentic equipment who has,
over a period of time, honed his skills and can deliver, consistent, accurate discipline to the exact target area ...
.. in a clean, safe, sensible environment?

Be assured that you are welcome to give me a telephone call ... or e-mail me ...
(telephone number details and e-mail 'link' are both listed below)

.. and we can discuss your wants and needs.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


United Kingdom Telephone:

07779 799 799

International Telephone:

+44 7779 799 799

14:00 - 20:00 (2:00 p.m. - 8:00 p. m.)
Monday - Friday
Withheld Numbers,
Anonymous Text Messages,
Anonymous WhatsApp, etc.,
will be ignored

e-mail: abel.cain.com@gmail.com abel.cain.com@gmail.com