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Half Table

Table (Half Table):

The main benefit of the Half Table is that
it makes for 'easy access'
to the recipients rump,

An example of this can be seen below ...
.. and in the GALLERY section..

The Half Table
was manufactured
to Mr. Abel Cain's
specifiction by


All photography on this web site is copyright: www.Abel-Cain.com

The 'BIG BURLY FARMER' ... Discipline Required ...

Once upon a time ... not that long ago ... from a land, fairly close to here ... a big burly farmer came to see me.
Since then he's become a regular. We took some photographs of one of these sessions
and I asked him if I could publish them on the Web site. He kindly agreed to the request.

As you can see from the photographs below ... and on the next few pages ... the farmer borrowed his horse's cock
and his bull's balls to impress me ... and I'm very impressed indeed!

As for the scenario ... well ... this one was simply to secure him so that he was completely immobilised and ... accessible ...


First things first ... he was fitted with the intriguing Fetters.co.uk 'Mesh' hood, which covers the face completely and gives
the sensation of total enclosure but enables the 'subject' to see through and out of his hood ... until a blindfold is fitted ...

Then he was fitted with a broad collar and laid face-down on the half-table.

Next wrist cuffs were fitted and his arms were attached to the spreader-bar and hoist.
Elbow restraints ensured that he could not manoeuvre his arms forward and release the strain on his shoulders.

Ankle cuffs were affixed and secured forward to add to the strain ... and sideward to allow access to ...

Finally the collar was attached to the table, restraining his neck and thus securing his head.

... this second photograph shows ... just how vulnerable ... exposed ... and ... accessible ... the big burly farmer, really is ...


Discipline Required ... ... Discipline about to be administered ...


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